The “Big Data Application Research of Urban Public Safety in BRICS” project team went to Russia for the first time
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On May 13-18, the project team of the National Key R&D Program of the National Key Research and Development Program, led by Prof. Liu Min, the Dean of the School of Geographic Science, was invited to the field in the St. Petersburg, Russia. The project team exchanged research and project results, participated in the International Week Forum of Peter the Great University of Technology in St. Petersburg, and signed a comprehensive all-round cooperation agreement with Russia.
From May 14 to 15, the representatives of the BRICS project team, China, Russia and India held two rounds of work meetings. Based on the spirit of “Strong cooperation and complementary advantages”, the BRICS project team clearly stated that it should deepen the integration of independent research and development in the next step. Accurate global satellite navigation system positioning data and multi-source remote sensing data, coupled with social perception data, construct a detailed integration framework for geographic big data for urban public security in BRICS countries, and develop multi-level, systematic urban public safety based on geographic big data Monitoring and early warning technology system and urban public safety information integration platform, and applying demonstrations in China, Russia and India to provide data fusion products and technical support for BRICS cities to deal with major common problems such as land subsidence and guilt.
During the transfer to Moscow on May 18, members of the project team also made a visit to the Department of Geography of the Moscow State University and the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Nikolay S. Kasimov, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, famous geographer, Sergey A. Dobrolyubov, director of the Department of Geography of the Moscow University, and Alexander Sebentsov and Maria Zotova, the secretary of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, on discipline construction, academic exchange, the Belt and Road construction, the BRICS countries Cooperation in areas such as cooperation has carried out in-depth exchanges.
This visit is the second tripartite meeting of the BRICS International Cooperation Project following the kick-off meeting held in our school in November 2017. Through the close cooperation of the tripartite team, a comprehensive investigation was carried out in the study area, which accumulated valuable experience for the next step and laid the foundation for the smooth implementation of the project. The investigation was led by Professor Liu Min, Professor Wu Jianping, Professor Yu Baijun, Professor Chen Ruishan, Professor Yin Jie, Professor Chen Wei, Associate Professor Zhao Qing, Associate Professor Tang Wei, Dr. Xia Haibin, Dr. Yao Shenjun, and the Chinese participant in the project. Zhang Weifeng, general manager of the Earth Listening Information Technology Co., Ltd., attended the exchange.

tripartite project work conference (China, Russia and India )


Members of the China, Russia and India tripartite project team visited the St. Petersburg Dike


Professor Liu Min accepted an interview with Peter the Great Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg, Russia


Professor Liu Min communicated with Prof. Nikolay S. Kasimov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Professor Sergey A. Dobrolyubov, Director of the Department of Geography, Moscow University.